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Welcome to Enjoy Durham, a small county town in the United Kingdom renowned for its well-known landmarks, including Durham Cathedral. This beautiful town lies on the banks of the River Wear, a stunning river that flows through Durham. This town offers a vast variety of exciting and fun things to do and see in and around the town including stunning architecture and renowned world heritage sites such as Durham University: home to what was once Durham Castle.

Here at Enjoy Durham we’ll be keeping you up to date with the diverse and inspiring town, including cocktail hotspots, the best Durham attractions, renowned restaurants, top rated hotels, bougie bars, scenic walks, fun days out and lots more fascinating topics. We want to share our experiences and knowledge to help you enjoy Durham as much as possible.

Our aim is to make your trip to Durham a whole lot easier. This is because we will be helping you to plan the best days out and showcasing this all in one place right here on Enjoy Durham. That’s right, there’s no more endless scrolls on Google, visiting different sites or asking Barbra down the road if she has any suggestions, you’ll find what you need for a fun day or night out right here.

It is unlikely you will run out of things to do in the great county town of Durham. With our help, you will always have an activity to tick off your list, whether it is a hotel to try or an attraction to visit. Stay tuned and join our journey to help us help you Enjoy Durham.

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Top things to see and do to Enjoy Durham:

  1. Durham Cathedral
  2. Durham Castle
  3. Durham’s Landmarks and Legends
  4. Durham University Botanic Garden
  5. East Durham Coast

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